Do you often sing in the shower and you feel like you have something to give to the world? Were you told that you have a genuine music ear and that you should study music? Do you have a child who is passionate about singing and you want it to make a career out of it? Is music an indivisible part of you every day’s being? If the answer is YES to all of these questions, then we are here to help you accomplish all you want.

We are a music school, central located in Oslo, with a long history and great plans to polish every new talent and give something to the world. Our motto is: “Norway sings, Norway gives”, because we feel that talent is something given not only to help the evolution and development of the one who owns it, but also to enchant the world and give something back. We help new talents to discover themselves and polish their voice through thorough education and repetition with the best music teachers in town, so that you succeed into accomplishing your dreams. At Norway Sings we invest in the young talents, because we are deeply concerned about promoting country’s best voices and to bring forth our country in the music industry at a larger scale. The difference between our school and any other music school is that apart from helping you accomplish your dream, we are deeply focused that your talent should be known at a larger scale breaking the boundaries of our country and make a career in music abroad. This highly contributes to the ascending name that Norway is making in the music industry in Europe and in the US. Does this sound tempting to you? Do you take the challenge?

Our music school has a long tradition, which goes back to 1950 when a music teacher, Neil Sørensen was giving private lessons in Oslo. His talent and love for singing immediately passed to his students and in the 1960s he was the best music teacher in town. With a great voice and a passion to teach it further to pupils, he was persuaded to start his own school. In that way it was easier for others to register and have him as mentor. He inspired dozens of generations to succeed and the school registered a huge success even after the professor was gone. Nowadays his school “Norway Sings” belongs to his grandchildren which took great care to continue the grandfather’s efforts. The initial letters of the school’s name stands for the letters of the founder’s name, but the name is also an encapsulated message of the school’s goals.